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News: 2 December 2018 Yes, after five years in the wilderness the Dark Inventions website is finally going live again, albeit with a completely different target audience. Over the next few weeks the site will be updated to include all of my street, dance, theatre and portrait photography. Thanks for your patience! Build a Rocket  If you love theatre then you’ll love this magnificent one-hander featuring Serena Manteghi which was such a success at the Fringe this year. Beg borrow or steal a ticket!   Lucy Blake If you landed on this site expecting to find out about Lucy Blake and her adventures in Farperoo don’t worry, you didn’t come to the wrong place. Sadly Lucy has been trapped in a government institution since her last appearance in Inguland in 2007. The story of what happens to her next is called ‘Finisterre’ and it may be some time before it’s complete. But fear not, Lucy Blake will be back, and in the meantime, the three volumes of Farperoo are still available in bookshops and online.
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